Development in History

Child’s first experience with the concept of time and history is with their own lives. They begin to have an understanding of time and can remember events and experience beginning at the ages 2 to 4 years old.

Children have difficulty understanding time and may refer to things happening long ago instead of distinguishing time frames or periods. Because of their limited understanding of history, they may also refer to long ago as being only a few years ago.  More accurate concepts of time emerge around the age of 10, but this does not mean that they cannot be taught about history.

Promoting Development in History

Some ways to promote history development in your child are to read about historical events and prominent figures. There are many books that cater to young readers and a local librarian or some internet research can help find them. Role-playing is a fun and interactive way to promote history and for the child to understand an event. Reading different perspectives and using different media, such as movies and websites, to learn about historical events helps the child develop a broader understanding.

Another aspect that may vary in a child’s understanding of history is the aspect of culture. Diversity in cultures leads to different views about historic events. Other cultures may even also focus on different events all together, for example if a child is Mexican, they may know think America’s independence day is May 5.  Promoting a wide variety of historical events and figures from different cultures helps the child learn about other cultures as well.

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